Classes of Membership

There are different classes of membership for people that want to get involved with KCS activities at different levels and in various capacities. This page explains each kind of member that there is and will help you know what kind of membership is for you.

 a) Full Membership 
This membership is open to:

                  -Cardiologists practising in Kenya.

                  -Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons practising in Kenya.

                  -Cardiovascular pathologists practising in Kenya.

                  -Cardiovascular anaesthesiologists practising in Kenya.

                  -Cardiovascular pharmacologists practising in Kenya.

                  -Cardiovascular epidemologists practising in Kenya. 

                  -Other medical specialists actively involved in cardiovascular work in Kenya.

                  -Any scientist with interest in cardiovascular medicine or surgery.


b) Associate Membership 

This membership is open to:

                 -Cardiovscular perfusionists.

                 -Cardiovascular technicians and technologists.

                 -Cardiovascular care nurses in the Intensive Care Units, cardiothoracic or cardiology units, wards theatres or any other cardiovascular area.

                 -Cardiocasbular and thoracic clinic officers.

                 -Any other paramedical staff involved in cardiovascular medicine or surgery.


c) Honorary Membership 

This membership is open to any person who has shown a recognisable interest in the Society by regular contacts, participation in the Societys activities or  by a direct or indirect assistance to the Society. Examples include:

                 -Former member who is no longer practising in Kenya. 

                 -Lay person e.g. businessman or politician etc.

                 -Local or international companies or organisations. 

                 -Any non-Kenyan medical professional be he/she a surgeon, cardiologist, anaesthesiologist,etc. who has an interest in cardiovascular health.


d) Life Membership 

There are two types of life membership:

                -Paid up life membership on payment  of a specified amount of money. Thes membership is open to those eligible to full membership and the figure payable is subject to change with time and is payable only once.

                -Honorary life member who shall be nominated by a full member of the Society and ratified ar a full Annual General Meeting of the Society.